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Advantages of the Bock Sloping Walled Silage Clamp

  • Improved compaction – a sloping wall means that compacting machinery can be used right up to the edge of the panel ensuring compaction along the shoulder of your clamp, which will reduce waste. It is much harder to achieve this level of compaction on a vertical wall clamp.
  • Increased capacity – Bock clamps allow for surcharging, which is the piling of silage above the tops of the panels. With the Bock system you can pile silage up to 6m high in the middle of the clamp (3m above the tops of the panels). This can’t be achieved to the same extent, nor safely, with a vertical wall clamp.
  • Improved safety – operator safety is paramount and the earth banks provide a stable platform to work on, especially when sheeting the clamp.
  • Built to last – due to the solid construction of a precast panel against an earth bank movement of the panels is eliminated, which vastly improves the long term effectiveness of your clamp compared to a vertical wall option.


Bock UK’s Story

Bock UK is the sister company to Bock Germany who have been supplying the 23 degree sloping wall design across Europe for 30 years. We are able to call on their expertise with regards to the design and construction of silage clamps.

Bock UK has built over 40 different sites to date in the UK for anaerobic digestion and livestock use. The panels are manufactured in Essex and can be supplied to anywhere in the UK.

The sloping walled silage clamp has been the mainstay of the German dairy and livestock farmer and anaerobic digestion plant operator for 30 years. Silage quality improves through the ability to compact silage right up to the edge of the clamp wall, and a wide earth bank allows the operator a safe working platform.

Bock UK has tailored the system to fit UK requirements meeting all the relevant environmental regulations (SSAFO 2010).

UK farmers and plant operators can now take advantage of the improved silage quality and operator safety a sloping wall silage clamp offers, and over 25 AD plants in the UK are already doing so with over 1,000,000 tonnes of silage stored in Bock clamps.

Making really good silage isn’t as simple as using a sloping wall; clamp design, feedstock choice, an asphalt base and removing the clamp’s back wall are all things we advise on.

As your silage quality improves, we will be there to help you choose the right covers, maintenance products and provide silage-making advice.



Quality silage is essential for the success of any AD plant. That is why we never compromise and only rely on products from European market leaders.


The Bock UK clamping system has proven to be very efficient, cost-effective and meets the UK’s latest environmental requirements. Thanks to Bock UK’s high quality covers we achieve exceptional quality silage.


All our AD plants use the Bock UK system and we are so satisfied that on all our future plants we will rely on Bock UK too.


If you have any questions please free to contact me on 01483 375920.


Technical Specs:

  • AD Plant
  • Based in Taverham, Norfolk
  • Producing 1.5mgw of electricity fed into the grid
  • 2 bay design 75m long and 30m wide, can hold up to 19,000t of maize silage.
Philipp Lukas
CEO, Future Biogas Ltd
Solid Picture Frame:

Hugh Wood made the decision to install a Bock clamp in 2012 and has been reaping the rewards of reduced silage wastage ever since.


With 125 head of beef sucklers to feed through the winter housing period, quality and efficiency is crucial.


Like many beef producers, he had always had a traditional approach to clamping and used a covered earth bank to make his silage for many years.


“The last time we rebuilt our clamp fully was in 1972 but it was always in need of repair and it was not the easiest to keep the sides clean,” he said.


The concept of Bock’s sloping-wall design is that it allows maximum compaction because machines can drive right up to the edge of the clamp to roll the shoulders. On a straight-sided clamp with concrete panel walls, this can be difficult and dangerous.


“Once I had seen the concept and that the silage could be rolled right the way over to the shoulders of the clamp I was sold.”


Bock UK supplied the concrete panels to make up the 30m by 17m. Soil from the walls of the previous clamp was used to create an earth bund against which the panels were secured and a fresh concrete floor was laid. The whole clamp took four weeks to build and was covered with a double-layer silage sheet.


Hugh said: “A month or so after the clamp was put up and filled with a forage mix from our farm came the moment of truth – we opened the clamp and it was easy to see the real benefits. There was no waste at all. The sloping sides had made the silage and I believe that’s due to the easier rolling.


“We used a JCB 310s and our biggest tractor to roll it and the compaction was right up against the wall.”


Each year Hugh tests his silage to check the dry matter digestibility, dry matter, protein, metabolisable energy and pH levels.


“There’s been a massive improvement with the quality of the silage compared to the results we got with the earth clamp,” he said, “and the losses are significantly reduced.”


Technical Specs:

  •  Dairy farm
  •  200 cows
  •  1 bay
  •  Grass silage only
  •  30m long x 10m wide x 3m high
Hugh Wood
Livestock Farmer, Northumberland

Memberships & Associations

UK Dairy Day New Product Finalist 2017

ukdd-2017-new-product-finalist-3Bock UK’s Wall Paint made it to the New Product Competition finals at the UK Dairy Day in 2017. Bock Wall Paint helps to protect your panels from corrosive leachate, which increases the longevity of your silage clamps.

For further information about Bock Wall Paint visit our product page here.

Introducing Cadman Cranes

Bock UK is working closely with Cadman Cranes, a trusted name in the industry who have an active involvement in renewable energy projects including Anaerobic Digestion.

Cadman have a large fleet of mobile cranes for general construction as well as specialist compact crawler cranes for working in tight spaces and emptying AD tanks.






For further information please visit their website – Cadman Cranes