Bock UK are delighted to introduce a new enzyme product to the anaerobic digestion industry called OPTIMASH® AD-100 from DuPont.

enzyme-imageDuPontOPTIMASH® AD-100 is a mix of enzymes designed to improve biogas production during anaerobic digestion (AD). It works by breaking down cellulosic fibres, resulting in sugars that are more suitable for biogas-producing microorganisms.


OPTIMASH® AD-100 is effective at breaking down organic materials that contain cellulosic fibres like those in paper, wastewater sludge, animal and farm wastes. This also includes enabling safe use of non-food feedstock’s such as straw and deep litter muck.

Performance Benefits

OPTIMASH® AD-100 offers the following benefits to biogas plant operators:

  •  Increased biogas production
  •  Decreased feedstock requirements
  •  Improved biogas quality (methane/carbon dioxide ratio)
  •  Reduced viscosity of substrate – reduced mixing costs
  •  Increased fermentation rate; shorter residence time
  •  Increased process robustness; ability to break down difficult substrates and reduce risk of rafting


Sandra Hinz PhD from DuPont Industrial Biosciences recently gave a presentation at the World Biogas Expo 2017 entitled “Enzyme Technology To Drive Profits In Biogas Production”. Download the PDF version by clicking here.

For further information about OPTIMASH® AD-100 please download our Application Sheet and our Brochure.

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