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Bock Super 7 Silage Sheet

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  • All-In-One silage sheet that replaces standard separate cling film under layer and silage sheet with only one film – covering the clamp is quick and easy.
  • High quality, strong and only 85µ micron ensuring the sheet adheres to the contours of the silage surface.

Available sizes: 6m*50m, 7m*50m, 8m*50m, 10m*35m, 10m*50m, 10m*150m, 12m*50m, 12m*150m, 12m*300m, 14m*50m, 14m*100m, 14m*150m, 14m*300m, 16m*50m, 16m*100m, 16m*150m, 16m*300m.

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Product Description

  • Bock UK’s Super 7 Silage Sheet is a single 85µ sheet that replaces the cling film under layer and top sheet. This means you only need to cover the clamp once, which saves a lot of time, is less hassle and requires less manpower.
  • Improved o2 barrier – <2cm³/m²/24hours compared to a standard silage sheet that is 250cm³/m²/24hours. This means much less oxygen is entering your silage, which virtually eliminates waste.
  • Super 7 is incredibly strong as it’s manufactured from 100% raw material instead of cheaper recycled materials, which means you can walk all over the sheet when laying tyres or gravel bags without fear of it being damaged, ripped or punctured.
  • Super 7 is still thin enough to adhere to the contours of the silage surface, creating an airtight seal that keeps oxygen out and eliminates waste.
  • Super 7 has a white surface that helps to reflect sunlight and prevents heating of the silage, inhibiting mould and bacteria growth.
  • Super 7 is UV stable, guaranteed for 18 months and is fully recyclable.


Please note this video is in German, we will introduce an English version soon.